IVA In London, Birmingham And Manchester

If you find this post you are most likely looking for a local IVA company in London, Manchester or Birmingham. The reality is you don’t need to look for a local IVA company unless you are looking for face to face advice. All IVA companies should be able to service people living anywhere in England, Wales and Northern Ireland over the phone, emails and post.

There are IVA companies scattered across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and it shouldn’t be too hard to find one local to you but it would be more advisable to research reputable IVA companies with good reviews or to look into debt charities such as Stepchange.

Most IVA companies are likely to be found around the Manchester area as this seems to be the birth place for a lot of the early debt management/IVA companies. Scotland do not offer IVAs, they have their own debt solutions and the one most similar to an IVA is a Protected Trust Deed.